Milk it for what it's worth

If You're...

  • Confused? About what steps to take to increase your leads and grow your business?.
    Milk helps add $1.2million - $12million to our customers bottom line
  • Puzzled? Feeling puzzled about all the Digital Marketing strategies out there? Milk helps our clients to gain clarity and laser focus on all Digital Business opportunities and Marketing strategies
  • Looking for Proven Advice? Milk will help you will with proven Digital Business growth strategies and action plan’s to grow your business month on month.
  • Looking for New opportunities? Thinking of moving into a new market and want to model how that will work for your business? Milk has helped 100's of businesses across the Globe expand their business model and revenue through the development of Digital Business Models.



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Group 1:1 Digital Business Development Coaching

Digital Business Development coaching allows you or your staff to work closely with your coach each step of the way.

Group Coaching

Our group coaching programs are all online, so that you do not have the hassle of spending the time and cost of travel, yet the same impact of being held accountable each and every fortnight.

Training Workshops

Low cost, practical and held at locations near you.Our workshops and seminars include guest appearances by other industry experts. Enquire today about the next workshop in your city!

Email Marketing Workshops

Email Marketing has ben essential since the dawn of the Internet. It can give you an exact Return on Investment, and is proven to be one of the highest returning investments online when done right.

Digital Product Development

If you’re looking for new opportunities to increase the revenue to your business you may need to look into Digital Product Development.

Increase Conversions

If your leads/sales are low but your traffic is high, it’s probably because you’re not selling the right message or you’re making it too hard for people to contact or buy from you. Our on site Conversion Optimization Workshops might be exactly what you need.


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Who is is Milking it for what it's worth?

Results that can only be classed as impressive, it is worth any businesses while that they navigate the digital and online world with Alita - a true expert.

Scott Brown, Founder SBR

Thank you Alita for our amazing workshop today. Before, when I arrived, I was unfocussed and like a missile without a guidance system! But then you just totally blew me out of the water, helped me focus on my message and gave me a laser focus to what that is. 

I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much!

Catherine Cridland, Process2Profits

I recently sat down with Alita, to go over my companies 'Communication Strategy' and it was sensational...she helped me to recognise what exactly I need to move to next levels in my company. 
Easily she helped me to add $500,000+ to my company over the next 6 month... 
Information + Application = Success ~

Mario Zorovic, Prime Events


Get the answers

How do we get started with Milk?

Simple. Contact us and we'll contact you in the next 48 hours for a quick chat to find out what you want and need, if it feels like we're the right fit for each other we'll send you your scoping/gap analysis worksheet and book in your Half Day Digital Evolution Workshop. Viola!


How can I grow my Facebook “Like” Page without spending any money?

Here's some quick tips to get you started: Other social networks, be sure to link it to your personal page! Your website/blog
Business Cards
Printed Marketing Material
Email Signatures


My website doesn’t show up on Google how I want it to!?

Well… There are a few things we need to chat about before we even answer that question! Make an enquiry, we’ll sort you out.


How do I get my website to show up on my Mobile properly?

Annoying isn’t it? Well your customers think so too! Did you know 61% of mobile users are unlikely to return to a site that they had trouble accessing from their phone? You’ve got to make your site Responsive to all devices.

Why not get it right now. It’s awesome enough.

Latest statistics show that 80% of Australians go online every day… We logon to social networks, read and write emails, catch up on work, and we also search and shop for products and services!
That’s where we come in, by turning your digital footprint and communications into a sales machine! Send us an enquiry today and join the revolution! ~ Milk it for what its worth.

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